What Can Taxi Companies Do To Attract Qualified Drivers?

Start where Uber falls short

In order to attract qualified drivers to your taxi fleet, you will need to make the case that yours is the better long-term opportunity. The protests of frustrated Uber drivers around the world, from San Francisco to London and Paris provide a glimpse into the aggravations of their employment. It’s mostly about money; Uber increasing its commission without notice or reason, or reducing its fares. Ex-­Uber driver Kelly Dessaint believes taking a stand is futile because in his words, “Uber drivers don’t make money.

More specifically, Uber drivers don’t reap the benefits taxi drivers have had all along:

  • Tips
  • Consistent Rates
  • Job Protection

As Dessaint sees it, Uber operates within an exploitative gig economy where it’s every man and woman for his and herself. If you want to play, you need to be prepared to play by its rules. And those rules can be costly for drivers.

Poor Ratings Cost Uber Drivers

Case in point: What Jack Smith of Observer calls Uber’s “single-­minded dedication to five­-star ratings that keep both riders and their drivers on their best behavior.”

Through the Uber passenger app, drivers and riders are prompted to review each other at the end of each ride. If a driver earns a couple bad ratings, his or her ability to drive could be suspended indefinitely until payment out of pocket for training sessions has been given.

As Smith notes, “anything below a 4.6 star rating [on a 5 star scale], is cause for suspension.”

Making each and every passenger perfectly happy is impossible, as any taxi driver would tell you. Some people simply have bad days, and take it out on the service providers around them. Uber renders its drivers hostages to the system. Dessaint calls it “draconian”.

The Opportunity for Taxi Companies

It is easy to understand the glamour of the opportunity Uber suggests; drivers make their own hours and run their own business, chasing the potential of earning more money during surge pricing hours. But it’s not an ideal lifestyle for everyone.

For drivers like Dessaint, who left Uber to go back to cab driving, the reality was undesirable.

Now more than ever, taxi companies have the opportunity to promote their brand as an excellent employer, offering security, transparency and consistency; all areas where Uber falls short.

The Uber technology – ­ a passenger to driver trip dispatch model ­need not hold taxi companies back from succeeding in today’s market.

Taxi companies must rise to the new expectations of passengers and drivers alike by providing the convenience and efficiency smartphone­ accessible dispatch offers.

Taxi Commander for today’s taxi drivers

The technology is available. Taxi Commander is a cloud­-based taxi dispatch system with the scalability to provide transportation companies large and small with best in class digital dispatch technology to meet the evolving demands of today’s consumers. In other words, it’s the answer to the call for change.

With Taxi Commander in place, you can provide your drivers with smartphone or tablet­-driven digital dispatch, complete with options for in-­app payment and automated trip assignment.

Taxi Commander is flexible; choose to run the app on your drivers’ own smart phone devices (BYOD) or maximize performance with ruggedized mobile data terminals or low cost vehicle tablets. The choice is within your control.

When you have a system that lets you customize your passenger app experience to meet the needs of drivers and customers alike, you’re miles ahead of the competition. Uber has yet to address the issue of tips (the app currently does not support tipping), overpriced training and lack of support for its drivers. Taxi Commander provides transportation companies with the opportunity to make a change for the better, and attract the right drivers.

Seize the moment.

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