Looking For a Taxi Dispatch Software Free Trial? Read This!

“Taxi companies must adapt to Uber cab­ hailing trend or perish,” reads a headline from a Toronto Star article posted on-line last November. The urgency to evolve rings true throughout North America, as Uber stakes its claim in municipalities world-wide. The reality is, cab companies do need to look at expanding their offerings to accommodate the modern consumer’s needs; few people want to wait on the side of the street to hail a cab when the technology to book a ride with just a few taps on a smart phone is available.

The constant global bombardment of Uber news has awakened every would-be software developer.  Suddenly, dispatch software startups are popping out from under every rock, hoping to fill the technology gap for taxi cab companies, each offering seemingly similar features. Many of these companies have something else in common: a free trial offer.

But Is The Free Trial Really Free?

Before you sign up for a taxi dispatch software free trial, consider the following:

  • ­Buyers and sellers alike are unlikely to “commit” to a solution for which no money has exchanged hands. Nothing ventured, nothing gained! Better to do your homework, make your decision and make the investment necessary to ensure it sticks. Your “free trial” vendor isn’t going to be any more committed than you are to making this work.
  • How many years has this vendor been providing transportation dispatch solutions? If they are following this “Freemium Concept” they are probably new in the business. Usually, this means their capabilities will be limited. Chances are high, they’ll be gone in a year or so, because free doesn’t keep you in business! They will find out sooner than later that this is not the consumer market that Uber caters to. This is a very specialized business to business market, every customer is different and its not easy.
  • Where are they physically located? If they are offering free trials, they are probably trying to service the entire planet. They may be on a different time zone several hours apart from yours. This could imply weak support and poor knowledge of your local market and needs. If they are on the same continent, then they are probably a start-up.
  • ­  A free trial should probably be called “beta tester” because that’s what free often is. The vendor is more or less throwing mud against the wall to see what sticks. Throw out enough free trials and some are likely to stay on board for at least a month or two until they realize their Visa is being charged. What if it doesn’t go well? Will you try out the next free trial? Do you have the time to be a professional beta tester?
  • Ask yourself, what are you really testing? Are you trying out the software, or is the software trying out you? If you’re unsure of the technology or haven’t fully defined what your needs are, it can be difficult to know how to compare one system to the next. In this uncertainty, its hard to make an informed decision. As a consequence, one might be tempted to err on the side of caution and go with the free trial! In the long run, this usually results in slower technology adoption and greater costs. Do you really have time to fool around with this?
  •  If you decide n​ot t​o commit to the service, how difficult will it be to cancel the trial or automated subscription? T​here is little motivation for a company to make the cancellation process easy for you. If this company had great software, backed by great support, they wouldn’t feel compelled to give it away in the first place.
  • The greatest expense in implementing a taxi dispatch system is not the first month’s payment or the set-up fee. Those costs are inconsequential when compared to your time, the time of your staff and drivers. People don’t like change as it is and the last thing you want to do is make everyone adopt new processes over and over again. This is a do it once right story.

Move Once, Age In Place

If you’re looking at a free trial, it follows that price is a major consideration for you in the decision process. Your business may be new or you’re new to the technology and just want to take it a step at a time. However, this is where you need to be careful because these new low cost providers with the free trials all have one thing in common: they end where they begin.

Taxi Commander can get you out of the gate with very little pain. The difference is, when your needs change and grow, which they will, you won’t have to move out. We call it: Move Once, Age In Place.

Instead of seeking out a free trial on a solution, look for companies that offer scalable solutions that let you add on features over time.

With Taxi Commander Basic, we provide the driver app, the passenger app, and a user ­friendly cloud­-based dispatch system without the higher level features. Once your team has adapted to the new system, and you are seeing results such as greater ride efficiency, more rides booked per driver, and higher customer satisfaction, then you may decide to grow. The system will grow with you, to allow for robust integration with Taxi Commander Advanced or Professional, which open up so many doors for boosting return on investment.

Taxi Commander Advanced ​options available:

  • ­Migration to a zone­-based dispatch system. This is a highly sought after solution for larger fleets focused on levelling out the playing field for its drivers.
  • Dispatching to an in-vehicle consumer or ruggedized tablet for superior reliability and performance versus an app running on a smartphone.
  • Taxi meter integration for tracking personals, capturing fare per trip records, and maintaining better control of your fleet.
  • Billing modules for seamless corporate payment tracking and billing.
  • In­-vehicle payment processing capability to make it easier for customers to pay for their ride.
  • Integrated driver cashiering for automating and tracking all driver finances and 1099 reporting.
  • Driver Pay programs for automating electronic driver payment.
  • Shared ride, non emergency medical trip importing, multi-trip loading

Taxi Dispatch Software: Do It Right

Your time is more valuable than what a company offering a ‘free’ trial believes. Make the most of your time by preparing your staff for training and integrating a solution that will grow with you over time. If you’re going to do it, do it right. The clock is ticking, and your customers are waiting by their smartphones.

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