Choosing A Taxi Dispatch System

For fleet owners or managers choosing a taxi dispatch system, the challenge of choosing the right solution can seem overwhelming. At first glance, many of the available dispatch systems may look similar. So, how do you choose?

Smaller fleets that don’t have prior experience in buying or using a dispatch system tend to look at price as the most important criteria. It’s easy to make a choice –just find the one with the lowest price that seems friendly and responsive and you’re good to go. Or, so it would seem…

Larger companies or fleets that have prior experience with dispatch systems have learned that it pays to look a little closer under the hood. They understand that making the wrong choice and having to choose again is often much more costly in the long run. What if you were to choose the most expensive dispatch software company –does that guarantee you have the best system?

Risks of Choosing the Wrong Dispatch System

At Taxi Commander, we understand that making the right choice can be difficult. We also understand the risks of making the wrong choice:

  • The dispatch system you chose is not reliable
  • The training provided is incomplete
  • Your provider’s support is not accessible or responsive
  • The system you chose is missing functionality that you require
  • Your provider shows a lack of flexibility when you request changes
  • Add-ons are costly due to proprietary vehicle hardware
  • You’re stuck in a long-term contract

Why Taxi Commander Is Your Best Choice When Choosing A Taxi Dispatch System:

Move Once, Age In Place – Taxi Commander is the only provider that can address the entire breadth of the market. We provide an attractive entry point that aligns with both your needs and your budget. Then, we help you grow. You never need to move out.

Lowest Risk Profile – We provide the appropriate solution with the lowest risk possible, by keeping your out-of-pocket costs low and without any long-term commitment. Then, if and when you’re ready, we can lock in your costs for the long term.

Shiny, Yet Time Tested – All of our technology is state-of-the-art, with cloud-based solutions that are as beautiful as they are reliable. However, we didn’t start here. We started at MS-DOS and worked our way up. Time Tested.

Real-Time Support – Our support team is accessible, responsive and knowledgeable. We don’t keep you waiting and when you call, we provide solutions. Just ask our customers.

The Complete End-To-End Solution

Taxi Commander isn't a start-up suddenly attracted to the transportation business due to the Uber economy! We've been here all along and we've grown with the industry. We're here for the long term. Once you decide to come with Taxi Commander, you'll never need to decide again...
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