Fleet Dispatch Benefits

Consumer TabletThe taxi dispatch market has changed dramatically, demanding that fleets step up their game. Today, even the smallest fleet must provide the customer service and the conveniences expected by today’s consumers.  With Taxi Commander, we’ll not only help you meet their expectations, but provide an immediate return on investment.

Taxi Commander provides cloud-based fleet dispatch solutions that are reliable, affordable and easy to use.  Our range of products let you commence within your budget and our capabilities will help you grow and succeed.

An outstanding lineup of fleet dispatch benefits will help you attract and retain drivers.  Our systems will simplify and streamline all dispatch and administration procedures. Finally, Taxi Commander will reduce your computer hardware costs and dramatically lower your IT costs.

Improve Your Core Strength

Taxi Commander will keep your fleet more organized because we simplify and automate everything that is repetitive. Your company will become more resilient, allowing for greater flexibility under demand.

Make Your Business Run Faster

Each component of your business, from call-taking to dispatch, to back office administration and reporting, will be accelerated by using Taxi Commander. Its simple really -our automation technology makes your business run faster.

Work Smarter, Not Harder

Its not about working harder -its about working smarter. Taxi Commander’s extensive configurability optimizes work flow, ensuring that tasks are completed in the most efficient manner.

Be Better For Your Customers

Taxi Commander gives you a set of tools that will make your customer service dramatically better. It’s not just the conveniences that you’ll be able to provide for them. It’s the knowledge of how you perform.

Empower Your Workers

Its a harsh world out there and It can be difficult to find and retain good employees and drivers. Competition never lets up. Taxi Commander empowers your team to do their jobs well and stand apart.