Here’s What Smart Taxi Companies Are Doing To Fight Uber

From China to Australia, New York City, Vancouver and Edmonton, taxi companies around the world have had enough.

Uber is eating up business at an alarming rate; in New York City, total cab trips in the first half of 2015 were down ten percent over last year. San Francisco has seen a near sixty­-five percent drop in monthly trips since 2012.

Protests by cab companies still dominate the news cycle around the world, however amongst the anger and frustration, there are signs of innovation.

Taxi companies are beginning to join forces in local and regional markets, even with their competitors, in order to present a common front to the challenges of deep-pocketed ride-sharing companies.  By combining forces and with the help of modern taxi dispatch software, taxi affiliates are able to offer similar technological passenger conveniences to their customers.

In September this year, four main cab companies based in Vancouver banded together to launch an app, which allows users to pre­book a cab throughout the lower mainland and track it in real time from their iOS or Android smartphone device.

As Carolyn Bauer of the Vancouver Taxi Association told the CBC, “What [they] needed to do was find an app that could integrate all four companies together as one dispatch.” By coming together, these four leaders in their industry could offer more availability and convenience to their customer base while competing on digital turf Uber had previously attempted to claim for itself.

In New York City, neighbourhood car service companies are uniting to share a taxi dispatch software solution that lets them pool their cars and serve more customers. The notable advantage over Uber? These companies still accept cash, which Uber is unable to do. The customer net stays broad, and gives long­-running businesses a stronger presence in the regional car service scene.

In both Calgary and Edmonton, Alberta, municipal councils have been working feverishly to protect existing passenger transportation laws, while simultaneously drafting new legislation that attempts to create a more level playing field for taxi companies and TNC’s. In both cities, Uber has been operating outside of existing regulations, exposing their drivers to sudden, costly police sting operations. While both sides wait for the new regulations to be passed early in the new year, Edmonton taxi brokers are taking steps now to combine their efforts for the betterment of taxi riders. Using Taxi Commander’s TNC solution, 24-7 Taxi Line Inc. and Capital Taxi are the first to get on board a city wide effort that would see a single rider app summon the closest available licensed taxi from any city broker.

Sharing A Taxi Dispatch Solution

Joining forces to deliver a taxi dispatch software solution provides ride-sharing app technology for customers and drivers, while allowing cab companies to contain costs and expand their geographic footprint.

Executing a ride-sharing app system between multiple companies need not require months and months of time or an incomprehensible budget to get started; with Taxi Commander, compelling solutions are delivered in a timely, scalable manner to suit the needs and budgets of the regional body.

Pooling resources means pooling advertising; when your cab company is linked to a network of cabs through an online app, you have the marketing breadth of that entire network to take advantage of.

Pooling resources also means pooling drivers; during peak times and rush hours, your organization can still help customers get the driving services they need because there are simply more drivers on deck, connected by the convenience of the ride-sharing app. Your brand remains strong and healthy with the backup of your network.

Happier Drivers, Happier Customers

If a passenger trip booking app had ever felt out of reach (which it really shouldn’t, because Taxi Commander offers a highly affordable basic package to get your organization off the ground with digital dispatch), it won’t when you’re working within an multi­-organization structure.

Finally, you’ll have the technology your customers have come to expect, and the efficiency your drivers desire to get more bookings in while on shift. From their personal smartphones, your drivers can be alerted of new trips, either automatically or manually from a dispatch system, with detailed mapping instructions and options for In-App and/or In­-Vehicle payment processing. When you make an effort to improve working conditions for your employees so that they may be more successful, people take notice.

And when booking assignment is this easy, drivers are empowered to provide better customer service.

All The Features Your Customers Expect

Banding together to deliver a robust passenger trip booking app for customers in your region requires that you meet the new expectations of the smartphone user.

With Taxi Commander, the bells and whistles people have come to love from Uber are available for your solution, including:

  • In-App payment processing
  • One-touch trip booking
  • Trip price estimation
  • Driver ETA and GPS tracking for passenger
  • Driver tracking for the fleet
  • Customer satisfaction rating

The best part is that your network can grow its solution as new needs are defined. With Taxi Commander, you move once and age in place. Down the road, a web kiosk for corporate client bookings may become essential, as customer expectations continue to evolve with expanding technologies. When you’re ready, Taxi Commander will be there to deliver.

Smart taxi companies have taken action on the benefits of banding together to share passenger booking app technology; Vancouver and China are making waves, but it’s just the beginning. Get ready for the new age of the taxi industry. 

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