How To Attract Great Drivers

“Uber claims it will create 8,000 jobs in Toronto in 2015” reads a Toronto Star headline , while the Wall Street Journal warns, “Trading Taxis for Uber, Drivers Riding a Boom”.

Scanning headlines on the Uber vs. Taxi Industry ‘battle’ is enough to make you want to hang up your hat and go home.

But the truth is, there are cracks in the facade of fairy tale living as an Uber driver.

Uber attracts drivers with the perception of lower daily expenses, meaning the same or slightly better income for working slightly less hours. But in cities like San Francisco and New York City, where traffic is bloated with Uber drivers, fierce competition could eventually threaten drivers’ livelihood. Working independently offers no security. The cash is great now, but how happy will professional drivers working for Uber be in a year?

Today, taxi companies are in a unique position to accelerate their technology offering to exceed that of Uber and Lyft, while complimenting their job offers with the security and assurance of steady driver income.

Here’s what you can do to be the taxi company great drivers want to work for:

Step 1: Get up to speed with today’s consumer demands

With its smartphone enabled passenger app, Uber has exposed the marketplace to an entirely new way to book a cab. It is faster and easier than most phone calls to a dispatcher. Simply put, your cab company needs to meet the market where they are, on their phones, in order to stay relevant and keep customers flowing.

Taxi Commander equipped fleets have the opportunity to integrate Passenger Smartphone Hailing App into their system, providing customers with a streamlined booking experience, and drivers with expedited alerts to new bookings. Bookings are made rapidly, without requiring customers to wait on the line for busy dispatchers to take their call and assign the driver. Instead, dispatchers connect bookings to the driver, maintaining the management of the taxi brand so that drivers can focus on completing as many jobs as safely and as efficiently as possible.

With Taxi Commander’s passenger app, there are options for embedded, tokenized InApp Payment for further convenience to your customer and employee.

You can compete on the same playing grounds as Uber and Lyft with an easy to use passenger app that answers the demands of the modern consumer.

Step 2: Promote On-The-Job Comfort and Security

With our passenger app (co-branded or your brand) integrated as part of your Taxi Commander system, you have a lot to boast about to your existing drivers.

Encourage your drivers and customers to spread the word about the advances in tech your business is adopting to ensure drivers collect as many jobs in a shift as safely possible with the assistance of automated smartphone dispatch.

Unlike Uber, which leaves it up to the driver to respond to bookings made directly by the customer, the NexTaxi passenger app necessitates a dispatcher to alert drivers to new bookings, giving drivers the convenience of having bookings managed for them.

Working as an Uber driver is risky business. The company is evolving rapidly, and regulations in different cities are making it more and more tricky for Uber drivers to reap the benefits of street hailing (which is illegal for Uber drivers in New York City), and keep up with the competition of other Uber drivers on the street, offering whatever fee they please. As a cab company with competitive technology and dispatcher managed bookings, you can attract the kind of sensible driver who wants to put his or her professional driving credentials towards earning a reliable living; the kind of driver who appreciates loyalty and job security.

Step 3: Alert and build your alliances

When your taxi company is partnered with big names such as hotel chains, restaurants, nightclubs and retirement homes, drivers take note. These alliances promote dependable bookings and make it easier for drivers to go home with more cash.

Build your partnerships by letting businesses know you have advanced your taxi company’s technology to ensure more efficient and streamlined cab services. Alert your existing partnerships as well and provide promotional materials where appropriate (such as posters and brochures) so its customers are informed of the benefits of riding with your cab company.

Such efforts do not go unnoticed by your existing drivers, who are some of your best brand advocates. Your drivers can help spread the word of the benefits of working for your cab company; you just need to give them a reason to boast.

Introduce Taxi Commander taxi software to your fleet and become the company more drivers want to work for.