Improve Taxi Service Quality – 5 Strategies

Take a moment to consider these questions: Is your taxi business suffering due to increased competition from ride sharing companies? Are you concerned about the decline in profitability? Do you want to know how to turn the situation around and make your business profitable again?If you have silently nodded your head in agreement to each of the questions above, you are at the right place. Here, you will learn about some effective strategies to improve taxi service quality in order to grow, retain customers and boost profitability.

  • Hire the Right Drivers

Your drivers are the most important part of your taxi business. You really need to be critical when hiring drivers as they determine the quality of your taxi service. It essential to hire experienced and skilled drivers who are well versed with city routes, as well as rules and regulations that they need to comply with.

In addition to possessing solid driving skills, a strong work ethic, affability, and professionalism of the driver will also determine the quality of your taxi service. You should think like a customer and ask yourself:

  • Would you like to ride in a taxi service where the driver who picks you up is rude?
  • Would you like it if the driver of a taxi service is not aware of the right routes to take?
  • Would you like a taxi service if the driver drives rashly without any concern about road rules?

Of course not! Then make sure that the drivers you hire are experienced, courteous, and well-trained. But more importantly, to improve your taxi service quality, you need to hire motivated and committed drivers. This is because employees who are motivated to perform the best service contribute to your taxi business due to increased customer satisfaction. Remember, a satisfied customer is an essential asset of your taxi service. When your drivers keep your customers satisfied, they will talk positively about your taxi service and possibly even invite their friends and family members to use your service.

  • Know Popular Recreational Spots

Your drivers should be aware of all the popular destinations in your district. People hire taxi services for two reasons: professional or recreational purposes. Most customers traveling to their offices or work destination will guide your drivers. But people who rent taxi services for recreational purposes usually expect the taxi driver to be familiar with all the renowned locations. If your driver asks them about directions, it will create a negative impression on your customers.

To avoid customer dissatisfaction, your drivers should know directions to all recreational spots in the area. Amongst the many places in your city, you need to make sure that your taxi drivers are acquainted with the routes to restaurants, hotels, cafes, amusement parks, cinemas and theatres, and shopping malls. Moreover, the drivers should know about the location of hospitals and the airport/train station/subway. These are common places that most customers usually need taxi services when traveling for recreational purposes. Make sure that your drivers are aware of routes that lead to these popular places in the shortest time possible.

  • Think Like a Customer

A key element to improving your taxi service is to always think from the customer’s’ point of view. Customers’ psyche is quite simple to understand — if they like your services, they will continue to use them. So, it is important that you try to understand the expectations and pain points of your customers.

In order to improve your taxi service and gain a larger, more expansive customer base, associate yourself with public places such as cafes, restaurants, hotels, and even airports. Consider placing QR stickers of your taxi service in popular destinations. The QR stickers are codes that can be scanned through mobile phones that lead customers to your official website or app. They can then know the necessary information about your taxi service. This will greatly improve the perceived taxi service quality as it allows your customers to conveniently access and use your taxi service.

  • Focus on a Strong Online Presence  

The world has digitalized to an extent where literally everything is online. This is why you should make sure you build an online presence as a taxi service. By going online, you will be able to expand the presence of your taxi service and help more and more people learn about your taxi service.

The reason why going online is important is because it allows you to promote your services to millions of users online without investing a large sum. By creating a strong online presence, you will be able to increase awareness about your services in a cost-effective manner. In addition, you can answer queries of online users relating to your taxi service. This will effectively improve the overall quality of your taxi service.

  • Make Use of Technology

There has never been a better time to operate a taxi business efficiently, thanks to the wide range of available cost-effective technologies. The combination of cloud-based taxi dispatch software, taxi apps, smartphone devices and reliable, fast wireless networks means that even the smallest fleet can achieve the same efficiencies and conveniences for its customers.

Start with a true cloud-based taxi dispatch software program. A true cloud-based system does not require any software installation or maintenance or investment in servers or networks. Simply log in from your internet browser. Be careful not to confuse legacy taxi dispatch systems with cloud-based systems. Some legacy systems have add-on components to make them appear as cloud-based systems but they are not. Taxi Commander is a proper, from the ground-up, cloud-based system hosted on AWS Amazon for high reliability.

With proper dispatch software in place, take advantage of its modern capabilities, commencing with Caller ID pop-up with automated reservation history. This allows your call-takers to show courtesy and professionalism by not only recognizing regular customers but accelerating and simplifying repeat bookings. Use standing orders to automate repeat trips. Choose a system that can accommodate your growth and allow you to add additional capabilities as your needs expand.

An effective way to improve the quality of your taxi service is by offering a taxi booking app to your customers. Two of today’s three primary generational segments (Boomers and Millennials) are much more likely to book a taxi using an app, rather than making a phone call, as it is simply more convenient. The taxi app should easy to understand and easy to use for your customers. Make certain that app-booked calls are completely automated, ensuring that the closest vehicle is quickly dispatched to minimize waiting time. The rider must be kept informed of job progress and should be able to  follow the taxi to his pickup location. To promote rider safety, the taxi app should show the details of both the assigned driver and vehicle so that the rider knows what to expect upon arrival. The app should have push notifications that notify the rider when the vehicle is arriving. The booking app also provides your customers with different types of payment methods to make riding with your taxi service convenient for your customers.

Be sure and have a web booking kiosk that allows local establishments, such as bars and restaurants to easily book trips for their patrons without the need to call your dispatch centre. A primary goal of any taxi fleet should be to reduce the ratio of inbound calls versus automated bookings. For the vast majority of taxi fleets, less than 5% of bookings bypass their call centre. Show me a fleet that receives the majority of their bookings over the phone and I’ll show you a fleet that can and is competing effectively with Uber!

Improve Taxi Service Quality

If you are looking to leverage technology in order to more effectively compete,  then consider Taxi Commander carefully. Our modern dispatch software will greatly help improve your customer service, increase your fleet’s operating efficiency, and create competitive differentiation.

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