Taxi Commander Announces Integrated Taxi Soft Meter

With the introduction of its new flexible soft meter, Taxi Commander helps fleets take another step forward to a more competitive future. As with any soft meter, this feature can save considerable capital outlay for fleets and drivers as it can eliminate the need to purchase expensive hardware-based taxi meters. (In markets where this is permitted) However, the Taxi Commander soft meter takes flexibility a step further due to its design that allows any meter rate to be attached to any job.

Each meter rate code created by a fleet can have all of its time and distanced based factors specified. For example, a rate could be set with a minimum (Flag Drop) of $3.30, with charges based on distance when moving above a defined speed threshold and charges based on time, when moving below that speed threshold. The minimum flag drop fee, time, distance and speed threshold settings can be defined as preferred.

The unique aspect of the soft meter is that unlimited meter rates can be created and any one of these meter rates can be attached to any trip. For example, there could be an in-town meter rate and an out-of-town meter rate. Even in applications where a black car, taxi, limo or non-emergency medical transportation company does not use meters, the soft meter has excellent potential advantages. The fleet can determine whether the meter fare should be visible or not visible on the driver’s tablet. In the case where a fleet is not mandated to use meters, the meter could be set to not be visible. At the end of the trip, the fare would be automatically populated based on the hidden meter rate. This would improve fare accuracy.

Many fleets that are not metered use mileage-based pricing. A soft meter rate could be established that is set to match the mileage-based fares normally charged. For pure mileage-based fares, the time-based component of the soft meter can be set to off, so that the meter only calculates on distance. The benefit to the fleet is that these fares will be calculated automatically and accurately, according to the route the driver took.

For non-emergency transportation fleets that don’t typically use meters, the soft meter can be set to be invisible to the passenger and each trip could be attached to its own meter rate. A driver could have several trips assigned at one time, each with its own unique rate, to match the appropriate rates for the account associated. In addition to being able to define the rates and thresholds for each soft meter rate code, other related items can be specified. For example, extra passengers, waiting time, airport fees, toll charges, etc. Each one of these items can be well-defined, so that they become foolproof, simplifying the driver’s job. For example, an airport fee could be set to a maximum of 1 unit. Waiting time can be set to xx cents per xx seconds and attached to a separate waiting time button and so forth…

The Taxi Commander system includes a Flag Trip function. When the driver picks up a fare from the street, pressing this button automatically creates a trip on the dispatch screen, showing the driver and vehicle as being Loaded on that trip. A default soft meter rate can be attached to the Flag Trip, such that every fare will be automatically calculated according to its defined rates. Even for non-metered fleets, this provides a great benefit to both the driver and the fleet. The driver does not need to manually calculate the fare and the fleet knows the value of every trip.

In addition to the soft meter function, all Taxi Commander Advanced and Professional systems come with many other rate types, including zone-to-zone, flat rate, mileage based, zip-to-zip, etc. The system can basically accommodate virtually any type of fare structure. The soft meter adds a powerful new capability to the system. enabling fleets to adapt and grow as they seek out new forms of passenger transportation.

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