Low Cost Vehicle Tablet

Combine the benefits of low-cost Android tablets with a dedicated taxi driver app for superior dispatch reliability.

Taxi Driver App

Reliable Trip Dispatch

  • Purchase your own low-cost android tablets from the cellular company of your choice

  • Tablet is dedicated to our taxi driver app to conserve data and assure dispatch reliability

  • Beautiful, easy-to-use touch-screen operation with Google turn-by-turn driver navigation

  • Advanced driver features, including soon-to-clear, driver messaging, push-to-talk

  • Automatic vehicle zone booking via GPS with real-time driver zone position queue

  • Driver zone list with automatic refresh keeps drivers informed at all times

Dedicated Taxi Driver App – Features:

  • Password Protected Driver log-In

  • Price or Estimate Passed To Driver

  • Driver Selectable Busy or Clear

  • Integrated Google Navigation

  • Driver Soon-to-Clear

  • Integrated Driver Messaging

  • One-Touch Customer Call-Out

  • Bluetooth Taxi Meter Integration

  • Integrated Payment Processing

  • Shared Ride – Multi-Trip Loading

  • Account Voucher Entry

  • Passenger App Integration

Frequently Asked Questions