Market Your Taxi Business Online -5 More Ideas

To compete in today’s market, its critical to market your taxi business online. As recently noted in Forbes, rapid technological change is the biggest threat to global business leaders today. Certainly, the taxi industry is the poster child symbolizing this threat, as it has witnessed first hand the sudden onslaught of new competition and the resulting theft of half of its traditional customer base to Uber and the like. The catalyst behind these dramatic shifts in business modus operandi? – the millennials, who are forging ahead with new ways that empower the consumer and improve efficiency.  Today, almost everything we lay our eyes on is digitalized. From writing and reading to paying and communicating- literally, everything has gone digital.

For taxi companies, old school marketing methods, such as yellow pages, are no longer effective. Check out these simple yet effective strategies to take the marketing of your taxi services digital:

1. Landing Page

Online marketing is ineffective without proper home and landing pages. What is the difference between a homepage and a landing page? According to Square2 Marketing, the home page is the front door to your business, whereas the landing page converts visitors into leads. In the taxi business, leads conversions are basically taxi bookings -people that arrive at your site (on your landing page) after responding to your marketing, then become a lead either by booking a trip or downloading your app.  Commence by ensuring your business has a proper home page for your website.  This is important as it gives your customers an idea about what your whole business is about and gives you an opportunity to showcase your professionalism and your differences. You have 10 seconds to make the first impression, so your home page needs to look clean and modern.

Next, build a landing page. This is the page that any digital ads will point to – its purpose is to convert visitors into actual passengers. It should contain a brief overview of your fleet, your mission or differentiation strategy, the benefits of using your services and a clear means of taking action -ie: booking a ride or downloading an app.

2. Online Ads

Online ads are important when you are trying to gain leads. When it comes to online advertisements, Google AdWords, Facebook Advertising, Twitter Advertising, and Pinterest Ads are some of the popular avenues available.  You can sign up your taxi service with these online platforms. They will effectively advertise and promote your taxi services, allowing you to generate increased amounts of traffic to your website. Check out our earlier blog on this subject for useful tips on setting up your business for social media.

Rather than contracting all of this work to third party web designers, consider seeking the assistance of a digital marketing expert to learn how to work with these online advertisement platforms – with the goal of becoming self dependent.

3. Customer Reviews

Build a section of your website for customer reviews, where customers can easily leave their feedback. You might underestimate the value of word of mouth, which is one of the most effective online and offline marketing tools. When customers share their own positive experience of using your taxi services, new customers will follow suit. Read our blog entitled “How To Get More Positive Reviews For Your Taxi App” for some great ideas on the process of acquiring valuable referrals.

4. Facebook Page

With over one billion active online users, FaceBook is perhaps your single most important social media platform.  It allows you to access to an online user base that can be easily fine tuned to target the specific market segments that you wish to cater to.

Commence by using FaceBook’s friendly tools to create a page describing your taxi service. Much of the information and graphics can be taken from your website. Using the integrated tools, promote the page to your friends, asking them to ‘like’ it and ‘invite’ their friends to like it as well. This will simply attract more and more leads to your page, where they can directly learn more about your taxi service.

Facebook also allows room for creativity so you can build up a ‘Menu’ section with different types of services you offer along with the associated rates. Ask your best customers to write reviews on your page, in order to create a positive image of your business. Use cost effective FaceBook promotions to introduce limited time offers, discount offers, promo codes, free ride options, loyalty discounts etc to carefully identified segments of your market -for example, to promote your taxi app to local millennials.

5. Referral Section

Consider building a referral program within your taxi dispatch system, as a means of encouraging your existing clients to recommend your business to their friends and associates.  When a new customer signs up to use your taxi app, they can be provided with a unique promo code.  When that customer subsequently invites new contacts to use your services with their unique code, both users will receive a special discount. This is an attractive incentive and is sure to generate greater leads.

Remember, online marketing is all about effectively spreading awareness about your taxi services so that more and more people know about your service operating locally. And this you can achieve by giving your customers something to look forward to such as coupons, cash backs, discounts etc.

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