NEMT Dispatch Capabilities in Taxi Commander

The name Taxi Commander may not be synonymous with non emergency medical transportation, but the product is very much designed for non-emergency medical transportation providers.

Here are 10 NEMT dispatch capabilities baked into Taxi Commander Professional that will help passenger transportation fleets deliver excellent service to their NEMT patients and medical providers, in the most efficient way:

  1. Trip Importing – Taxi Commander builds custom trip importers, so that the hundreds of pre-scheduled trips you are receiving daily from your NEMT agency/broker can be imported into Taxi Commander with a single click. As these trips are imported, they are zoned, calculated for routed mileage and if necessary, priced. These trips can then be pre-assigned to a driver or vehicle, set for auto dispatch or routed, as per preference.
  2. Standing Orders – Trips can be set, such that a recurring reservation occurs automatically; for example, transport a school student or medical patient on certain days of the week for a specified date range. Standing orders can be set for automatic dispatch or they can be pre-assigned to a driver or vehicle, or route.
  3. Multi-leg Trips – Any trip reservation can have multiple legs. For example, pickup at point A, Drop Off at Point B and Hold, Proceed to Point C, then Point D, etc. A standing order attached to this trip would automatically include all legs.
  4. Complex Pricing – Taxi Commander has highly flexible trip pricing to accommodate any type of medical transportation. For example, a Gurney NEMT trip can have a base rate of xx dollars, plus a mileage rate of xx per mile. Additional price line items can be added to any rate code, such as a flat rate for a personal care assistant, wheelchair charge, etc. Any of these line items can be hidden from the driver and passenger on the driver’s MDT or tablet. A waiting time clock with its own count-up display can be added to any rate code, allowing the driver to start or stop a waiting time clock. At the end of the trip, the waiting time is added as a trip price line item.
  5. Multi-Trip MDT Capability – Taxi Commander’s multi-trip module allows NEMT transportation fleets to assign multiple trips to the same driver or vehicle at the same time. This allows multi-loading -for example, for Logisticare trips, where several passengers may share the same vehicle to create more efficiency. Each trip is completely independent with independent pricing.
  6. Trip Priority Lead Time – Trips that are pre-assigned to a driver, vehicle or route can be automatically sent to the MDT or tablet according to the priority lead time. The priority determines how far in advance of the pickup time any trip will be sent to the MDT or tablet. For example, 6 trips are pre-assigned to vehicle 101. One has a 7:00 AM pickup time. The others have 7:30AM, 8:00AM, 8:30AM, 9:00 AM and 9:30 AM pickup times. All of them are assigned as priority 2 trips, which designates a 90 minute lead time. The driver logs on at 7:00 AM. He or she is immediately dispatched the 7:30, 8:00 and 8:30 trips. As 7:30 rolls around, the driver receives the 9:00 AM trip. At 8:00, the driver receives the 9:30 trip and so on…. This feature gives fleet managers complete control over how many trips are on any one vehicle at one time and how far in advance the driver knows his schedule.
  7. Attributes – Taxi Commander allows attributes to be assigned to any driver, vehicle, landmark or passenger. Any trip can then be assigned to any attribute. For example, a trip could be set to require a vehicle attribute of “wheelchair van”, and a driver attributes of “Class 4 license” and “Defib Certification” and “Oxygen Certified”. This trip would only be assigned to a qualified vehicle and driver.
  8. Will Call – NEMT trips are often round trip, with the return ride pickup time unknown until the patient indicates they are ready to be picked up for the return ride home. Taxi Commander automatically assigns a pickup time of 11:59 PM to all will-calls. That groups them all together where they are easy to identify. When the patient indicates they are ready, a single click on the “To Now” button changes the pickup time to the current time. This moves the trip to the dispatch screen and it is now automatically dispatched according to the associated dispatch rules
  9. NEMT Passenger Profile – One of the key NEMT dispatch capabilities built into the system allows any passenger can be set up any number of dispatch profiles, which can contain default information to accelerate and simplify call-taking. For example, passenger John Smith has 2 profiles -one for his dialysis modality and the other for his COPD modality. Each profile contains the medical billing account paying for the transportation services, the correct pricing rate code, vehicle type, trip attributes for vehicle & driver, driver instructions, default pickup and dropoff information, authorized number of rides, authorized date range, Medicaid ID, etc. The call-taker can lookup this passenger quickly by entering the lookup code, which can be the medicaid or other ID number, phone number or name. In this case, 2 profiles would pop up. Choosing the appropriate profile would populate the entire order-entry screen. This entire trip booking time would be just a few seconds. The profile not only speeds up the process but prevents mistakes and improves customer service by empowering the call-taker.
  10. Billing and Accounts Receivable – Taxi Commander Professional includes a powerful, yet easy-to-use integrated billing system. Each account can be assigned specific rate codes, credit limit, terms, invoice profile, tax ID, etc. In about the time it took to write this sentence, I created an invoice for a specific NEMT account for the past month. The detailed invoice was created, containing over 300 trips. I can then open the invoice, view all 300 trips, email or print the invoice and so on… Taxi Commander also tracks payments against invoices, provides statements, account aging and reports.

These are just a few of the NEMT dispatch capabilities included in Taxi Commander. There are many more, which will be detailed in future blogs.

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