Project Description

Kami Cabs

Kami Cabs leverages Taxi Commander technology to delight their customers and improve efficiency across the board. “For our fleet, a key objective was to reduce the time required for our customers to book a cab. All rides commence with making a reservation, so we saw this as an opportunity to start each customer transaction on a positive track. Since we implemented our new dispatch system, we’ve eliminated almost 100% of calling and waiting on hold.” ­ Inder Mann, General Manager.

Kami Cabs is a Kamloops, BC based cab company with over forty years in the industry. Mann and his team operate on values rooted deep in customer service excellence and providing the personal touch. There is dutiful mindset amongst the staff at Kami Cabs towards responsibility, professionalism and community service; this is a company whose drivers are known to assist senior customers with carrying groceries into their homes. When you ride with Kami Cabs, you feel appreciated and very well taken care of.

High expectations

When Mann started having issues with his dispatch software provider a couple of years ago, he knew a change would be necessary to maintain efficient, first class service to his clientele.

“The software was full of glitches,” says Mann. “I needed a company that could provide better service.”

Mann approached FQ Wireless and was impressed by how quickly the system integrated with his office and staff.

“In a matter of weeks, Future Quest  had everything up and running. It was a quick turnaround and there were no troubles or issues. It was very efficiently handled in a timely manner.”

“It’s very easy and very user-­friendly,” Mann says. “My staff had no problem adapting to it.”

Mann noticed how even his dispatchers with minimal computers skills rapidly took ownership of the new software.

The next step in efficiency

With over two years of positive experience using the system, including assisting police with criminal tracking by providing detailed cab ride reports, and communicating with ease through dispatch to more than two people on the air, Mann has taken the next step towards improving the level of customer service Kami Cabs upholds by integrating a custom Kami Cabs labelled version of the the Taxi Commander passenger app.

Mann had pinpointed an area within his company with room for improvement: the booking process.

“There are twenty-­four lines in the office, and often those can all get tied up,” he explains.

“With the passenger app, now our customers don’t have to call and wait, and they can still be well taken care of.”

The Kami Cab app can be downloaded by customers from the iTunes Store for iOS and Google Play Store for Android for free. Once downloaded, customers can use the app to book the closest Kami Cab within seconds. The customer is able to see the 5 closest vehicles to their location, as well as the ETA and distance from each vehicle. They may then choose their preferred driver or let the system take care of it automatically. The app will also provide the passenger with an estimate of the fare to their pickup address.”

“Once the customer has booked the cab, they can track its location in real time with 5 second GPS updates. This is a convenience customers appreciate, as they don’t have to stand in the heat or cold while waiting for the cab to arrive.

Mann is excited about the possibilities of this new technology, which has put passenger app tech on the map in Kamloops before ride sharing app companies Uber and Lyft have even had a chance to infiltrate the area. Giving customers a luxuriously simple, streamlined channel for booking cab rides is just one of the ways Kami Cabs continues to delight and impress the Kamloops community, and the timing couldn’t be better.