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Sol Transportation, Leading by the heart

sol_transportationEvery company needs something to strive for. For Sol Transportation, its about providing safe, cost-effective and caring transportation for everyone. It’s not about becoming the biggest transportation business in the world. It’s about treating every customer with genuine concern and kindness, as though they are family. Striving to deliver the quality of care they would want for their own mothers and fathers.  And sharing that ethos with as many people as possible.

As director of operations Agostino Scalercio says, “Achieving that is something [they] work on every day.”

“It’s not the easiest task,” Scalercio says, “but we do strive for it. Every passenger is transported the way I would want my mother to be transported.”

Sol Transportation is a midsized transportation company serving passengers throughout the San Diego County region, specializing in transportation services for schools, municipalities, government sectors and medical facilities.

With forty vehicles on board, Sol Transportation also provides nonemergency medical transportation services, and has found a significant competitive edge in being able to take on trips at any time of the day.

As Scalercio says, “Our customers have the ability to call us up and say. ‘I’ve got a run (trip) in an hour, can you cover it?’ and we can say yes.”

This is notable, as some companies can only take orders for runs the day before the required trip date.

“We’re able to react quickly to a customer’s needs,” says Scalercio.

Increasing customer reach

Scalercio joined Sol Transportation in 2013, working in both of the company’s offices to oversee dispatch, the drivers and smaller account management.

“There’s not much I don’t do,” Scalercio says with a laugh.

Sol Transportation has its roots as a subcontractor for school projects, putting drivers on the road who would then respond to a dispatcher in Utah.

By the time Scalercio got started at Sol Transportation, owner Arturo Ayala had rolled out a dispatch center, and the company was doing about fifty calls a day.

Over the next two years, Scalercio was able to bring that average up to three hundred calls a day.

He saw untapped potential in the digital dispatch system in place at Sol Transportation, and by working closely with the team at FQ Wireless, Scalercio optimized its use for the team of drivers and dispatchers.

With their dispatch processes streamlined, and their topnotch hiring, training and quality service protocol, Scalercio is looking towards the next rewarding opportunity for Sol Transportation.

“Diversify, and work with as many customers as we can.”

At Sol Transportation, Scalercio is working on ensuring they help as many people as possible with efficient, cost-effective and empathetic transportation services.

As Scalercio says, “our goal is to continue to maintain our high standards in customer service quality while growing at a sustainable pace.”

He’s recently focused on growing their reach in schools, getting back to the audience that was integral to the roots of Sol Transportation.

Per his strategy, Scalercio envisions Sol Transportation as the transportation company school districts can turn to when extra resources are necessary.

“We then become the school district’s overflow,” Scalercio explains.

“It’s not that we want the whole contract; We want to be there to help when they need help.”

Now that’s the kind of company you can trust to transport those you love!There is few things that we noticed as soon as we logged in.