How To Get More Positive Reviews For Your Taxi App

How To Get More Positive Reviews For Your Taxi App

Want to spread the word about your new taxi app and gain more customers?

Online reviews for your taxi app are valuable to your marketing efforts and won’t cost you a dime.

The more positive app reviews you have, the more visibility your app will gain amongst users. And as Kissmetrics contributor Steve P. Young says, “the opinions of others play a major role in people’s purchasing decisions.” Reviews provide social proof of your taxi app’s value.

Here are five ways to get more positive reviews for your taxi app, so you can reap the benefits of taxi dispatching for smartphones.

  1. Give customers easy access to review channels

Your website, app and social media profiles should all have entry points to places for customers to leave a review. As Forbes contributor Nellie Akalp says, “Unless someone has a negative experience to share, the average customer is not going to look for ways to leave your company a review.” Put review platforms in their direct pathway when engaging with your brand, whether through the app, your business website or search engines.

  1. Add a perk

Create value for customers who choose to leave reviews specifically about your taxi app by offering a entry in a monthly contest for a review on a platform which you can track (ex: Facebook page). In this way, you’re not buying reviews – you’re incentivizing the act of leaving a review, good or bad. As Akalp advises, “sometimes even your most satisfied customers need some extra incentive to take time to our their busy schedule to write a review.”

  1. Respond to reviews

Where possible (Facebook and Google My Business, for example), respond to reviews both positive and negative. This encourages potential reviewers by indicating that you listen and take your customers’ opinions deeply into consideration.

Check out this post by ReviewTrackers for examples of positive and negative review responses you can use as templates for your own commentary on review websites.

  1. Provide service worth reviewing positively

Since Uber and Lyft came on to the car service scene, taxi companies have been forced to evaluate their standard of service. The positive outcome of this is that better service drives more customers towards taxis, especially where ride booking technology is available with the same or better features than Uber.

It’s important to share this message with your drivers: the better service they provide, the more customers will talk on social media and review platforms about how excellent the company is. 

  1. Convert your drivers into disciples

Every and every day, your drivers are in contact with multiple new and repeat customers. Imagine the potentially positive or negative marketing power in these numbers! Its a simple fact that the success of your taxi app will, in large part, depend on the buy-in you get from your drivers. I know from personal experience while traveling that its incredibly common to hear a taxi driver bad mouth their own app. “Oh, that never works!” This mentality is often the result of inadequate training on how the app actually operates and integrates with the taxi dispatch system, as well as the failure by management of obtaining driver buy-in.

The ultimate success of your app begins with converting your drivers into traveling disciples that spread “the good word” with every customer they have in their vehicles. However, in order for this to occur, they must first become stakeholders.  I know what you’re thinking -“They already keep most if not all of the fares, so they are already stakeholders!”  This may be absolutely true, but the reality is that unless it affects their pocketbook or makes their life easier, they’re not going to care. The simplest way to ensure they become app disciples is to ensure that drivers make a little extra from every trip that is booked with your taxi app. (or a little less from trips that are not) Its also important they understand that their taxi app will in fact make their life easier in many ways. (We’ll save this for another blog:))

Think outside the box on how you can convert all of your drivers into taxi app disciples. You can help them by turning their vehicles into traveling billboards for your taxi app, with professional signage or stickers. Add information about your app on your receipts, invoices and any other materials that touch passengers.

Finally, ask your drivers to conclude each app-booked trip with a request to the customer to leave a review online. Post about your app on social media and provide links to review platforms, including the Apple Store and Google Play, where users download your app. You might be surprised what can happen when you simply ask.

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