Taxi App

The Taxi Commander taxi app is friendly, functional and informative, packed with Uber®-like features!

Taxi Commander Trip-Booking App for Passengers

Features Your Passengers Need and Expect.

  • One-touch trip booking that is fast and simple to use

  • Optional In-App payment processing for increased passenger loyalty and simplicity

  • Configurable world class features, including price estimation, ETA, choose closest driver

  • Watch the drive arrive in real time, with 5 second GPS updates

  • Automatic fleet co-branding or design your own private brand version

  • National Network Affiliation for International Availability

Standard Features Included: 

  • Single Touch Booking

  • Auto Route & Price Estimation

  • Displays 5 Closest Vehicles

  • Mileage Estimation

  • Passenger Choose Driver

  • Customer Satisfaction Rating

  • Watch Driver Come To You

  • Driver Arrival Notification

  • In-App Payment

  • Auto Passenger Adjustable Gratuity

  • Future Trip Scheduling

  • Google Places Finder

What Else? Combine It With Our Beautiful Kiosk Web Booker!

The Kiosk App lets your best clients, like bars, hotels, restaurants & hospitals book a ride from any PC or tablet with one touch, then watch the driver arrive in real time! It can even track several cars at once! Just enter the passenger name and phone number and submit -the pickup address will already be filled out!

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