Taxi Dispatching For Smartphones

A light driver app that works with your drivers’ existing smart phones. Bring Your Own Device! (BYOD)

Driver App

The Driver App Included With Taxi Commander Basic

  • Works with iPhone and Android SmartPhones

  • Integrated credit card dongle for payment processing

  • Friendly touch screen operation with driver navigation

  • Automatic GPS updates for real-time GPS tracking

  • Automatic closest vehicle or manual trip assignment

Driver App Features: 

  • Password Protected Driver log-In

  • Driver Flag Trip Creation

  • Driver Selectable Busy or Clear Status

  • Turn-by-Turn Driver Navigation

  • Integrated Dispatch to Driver Messaging

  • One-Touch Call Passenger Function

  • Historical GPS Playback by Dispatch

  • Integrated Driver Shift Creation

  • Dispatch-to-Driver Fare Estimation

  • Optional Customer Call-Out

  • Passenger App Integration

  • Upgrade Path to Dedicated Driver Tablet

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