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Taxi Software FAQ

What are the differences in the 3 versions of Taxi Commander?2018-07-04T10:24:20-07:00

Taxi Dispatch System

The Taxi Commander Taxi Dispatch System is available in 3 primary versions:

  1. Taxi Commander Basic
  2. Taxi Commander Advanced
  3. Taxi Commander Professional

The system design of Taxi Commander is flexible, so that transportation fleets may migrate from one version to another, with minimum disruption and no loss of data. A small fleet may commence with the Basic system for example, then migrate to Advanced as their fleet grows. Once back-office capabilities are required, such as an accounting program for taxi, then the Professional version is available.

Taxi Commander Basic provides basic taxi dispatch system functions, consisting of easy-to-use web-based call-taking and dispatch screens that work in conjunction with a driver app, a taxi app for passengers and a web app for online reservation booking. The system includes Caller ID order entry, GPS based automatic dispatch and real-time vehicle tracking, vehicle and status tracking. Dispatch to Driver messaging is included.

Taxi Commander Advanced takes the system to the next level, with more advanced call-taking capability that includes multiple trip pricing schemes, as well as driver and vehicle attributes, Advanced automatic dispatch capabilities are included with real-time driver zone display and multi-mode zone dispatch. The Advanced system includes dispatching to an in-vehicle tablet that is dedicated for vehicle dispatch in order to maximize job dispatch reliability. The dedicated in-vehicle tablet app design supports both customer provided consumer grade Android tablets and ruggedized Taxi Commander mobile data terminals. Advanced features also include taxi meter integration and a wider selection of payment processing.

Taxi Commander Professional is an Enterprise grade taxi dispatch system that incorporates integrated Account Billing & Accounts Receivables and Driver Cashiering capabilities. The Professional version can be installed as a hosted (cloud-based) SaaS ( Software as a Service) or an Enterprise (your own cloud) solution.

In addition to the 3 primary versions of the taxi dispatch system, Taxi Commander is available in a TNC configuration, designed as a peer-to-peer application for Transportation Network Companies. This type of system allows app-to-app communications, such that a passenger or consumer can book a ride (or other type of job) directly with an available driver. (mobile worker) The TNC version of Taxi Commander is really a flexible framework that can be configured or customized to accommodate specialized business-to-consumer applications.

Feature Basic Advanced Professional


Feature Included Optional Not Avail
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Order Entry Features

Feature Bas Adv Pro
Call-Taking why-choose-us why-choose-us why-choose-us
Caller ID why-choose-us why-choose-us why-choose-us
Trip History why-choose-us why-choose-us why-choose-us
Landmarks why-choose-us why-choose-us why-choose-us
Google Look-Up why-choose-us why-choose-us why-choose-us
Routed Mileage why-choose-us why-choose-us why-choose-us
Google Routes why-choose-us why-choose-us why-choose-us
Auto Trip Price why-choose-us why-choose-us why-choose-us
Flat Pricing why-choose-us why-choose-us why-choose-us
Mileage Pricing why-choose-us why-choose-us why-choose-us
Passenger App  why-choose-us why-choose-us why-choose-us
Kiosk App why-choose-us why-choose-us why-choose-us
Zone Pricing why-choose-us why-choose-us
Multi-Leg why-choose-us why-choose-us
Standing Orders why-choose-us why-choose-us
Attributes why-choose-us why-choose-us

Dispatching Features

Feature Bas Adv Pro
Driver App why-choose-us why-choose-us why-choose-us
Navigation why-choose-us why-choose-us why-choose-us
GPS Auto Dispatch why-choose-us why-choose-us why-choose-us
Dispatch Messaging why-choose-us why-choose-us why-choose-us
Payment Processing
Driver Messaging why-choose-us why-choose-us
Zone Dispatch why-choose-us why-choose-us
Hybrid Dispatch why-choose-us why-choose-us
Consumer Tablets why-choose-us why-choose-us
Trip Bidding why-choose-us why-choose-us
Driver Zone List why-choose-us why-choose-us
Meter Integration why-choose-us why-choose-us
Ruggededized MDT
Driver Emergency

Administration Features

Feature Bas Adv Pro
Trip Importing
Multi Fleet
Shared Ride
Integrated Billing
Integrated Cashiering
What is involved in changing your taxi software from one Taxi Commander version to another?2017-01-17T18:51:56-08:00

Changing Taxi Software Versions

The passenger transportation markets have never been more dynamic. In addition to the relatively new threats of ride sharing, taxi companies must adapt to the demands of today’s educated and informed consumers. This places increased demands on your own capabilities.

Maintaining a fully licensed and legal transportation fleet opens the door to new potential revenue streams, such as corporate account specialization, non-emergency medical or paratransit applications, specialized educational markets, etc. While today, your fleet may focus on pure taxi transportation, tomorrow may bring new opportunities to maximize the revenue potential for your drivers.

The taxi software provider that you choose must be able to move and adapt to these changing and expanding needs. That’s why, at Taxi Commander, we’ve designed our product portfolio with the flexibility to accommodate sudden changes in your business. At any time, you may upgrade from one taxi software version to another, without losing your historical data.

You may also downgrade at any time. However, downgrading may result in loss of data associated with certain features or capabilities in the package. For example, going from Professional to Advanced means that you are willing to forgo the Billing and Cashiering features. This may result in losing the billing and/or cashiering data from the time period in which you were using those modules.

Similarly, going from Pro or Advanced to Basic may result in the loss of certain feature data if those features don’t existing in the lower package. We’ll do our best to keep or export any such information for future use.

To upgrade, you would simply pay the additional one-time setup fees and the increased monthly fees for the new version.

Move Once, Age In Place!

What Makes Taxi Commander Unique?2017-01-17T18:51:56-08:00

What Makes Taxi Commander Unique?For those of us that have been involved for a while in the dispatch space, the taxi industry has always felt like a market constantly on the edge of technical advancement. In fact, when it comes to wireless technology, the taxi market has always very much been at the leading edge, pulling along other vertical markets, such as towing and courier behind it. The sheer call volume and fleet sizes of taxi fleets, combined with frequency spectrum shortages in the two-way radio industry served to push the passenger transportation markets towards more efficient dispatch models. The result was an industry that pioneered wireless dispatch, GPS, mobile data terminals and automatic dispatch systems.

Over the past 5 years, we’ve seen even more dramatic changes to the taxi and black car markets due to the onset of the sharing economy. Companies such as Uber and Lyft have thrown down the gauntlet, challenging the incumbents, the industry and the very institutions and governments that have shaped the industry. The sudden cast of the industry into the spotlight, combined with the advent of smartphone apps and cloud-based software-as-a-service (SaaS) has simultaneously reduced entry barriers and drawn the attention of software developers all over the world. Suddenly, everyone is selling dispatch systems from their basement and they all seem the same. In fact, many of them are start-ups and some even have the word “startup” in their name, implying that you need to be new and inexperienced to matter.

Its a crazy world out there and who knows where it all ends. Perhaps its the “rise of the machines” and self-driving cars will rule the road. We’ll all be looking for jobs. Sometimes, it makes you want to bury your head and wait for it all to settle. However, there is only one reality and that is we need to do the opposite. We need to innovate and we need to embrace change in order to survive and thrive. So, where does all this leave you and what has this to do with Taxi Commander and how does this make us different? Well, its simple really. We’ve already been doing this for our entire careers! We’ve always been driving change and driving technology, so it’s just more of the same, except we just have bigger competitors like Uber!

We’re different than the other guys because we’ve been driving technology, innovating and helping the transportation industry innovate for over 17 years. We worked our way up from the ground floor and the word ‘startup’ is not in our vocabulary. We know your business. We understand it and we’ll still be here tomorrow.


Experience comes from observing the successes and failures we and others have made

We Have The Bruises To Prove It!

Our system and our experiences have evolved as a direct result of responding to the needs of our customers.


An expanding set of formulated responses that can be shared as a result of our experience.

We understand your business

Our customers have taught us a lot about the industry by sharing their knowledge with us. In turn, we are able to help you more.


Each customer is unique and our solution is a combination of custom requests by our clients.

We won't say no

In the long run, its easier to add the new features our customers need than lose their business.


Choose only what you need and pay for only what you choose -add on anytime!

Choose Your Weapon!

Don’t let our friendly appearance fool you. Taxi Commander is highly scalable and powerful


Our cloud-based platform provides the peace of mind and security that you need

Built For The Cloud

Taxi Commander is professionally hosted with VMWare VSphere for high availability, scalability and redundancy


We back our systems with highly accessible, responsive support.

We respond fast

Our 24 support team is always available to provide immediate support and relief.

What kind of devices can Taxi Commander dispatch to?2017-01-17T18:51:56-08:00


Taxi Commander Basic is designed to dispatch to smartphones. Presently, this includes iPhone, Android and BlackBerry. Taxi Commander Basic’s Driver App can also operate on iPad, iPad Mini and Android tablets!

Taxi Commander Advanced and Professional are designed to work strictly on Android based devices, as extensive engineering has gone into the driver component of these systems with integration to external devices, etc. These Android based devices can be low cost off-the-shelf consumer grade tablets such as Samsung or you may purchase our ruggedized MDT’s Taxi Commander MDT’s.

If you require the features of Advanced or Professional Editions, but prefer to dispatch to smartphones instead of tablets or MDT’s, this is possible. Talk to us! We’ll be happy to review all your options with you!

What are the differences between the driver smartphone app and the tablet based driver app?2017-01-17T18:51:56-08:00

Benefits of Dispatching to SmartPhones

  1. Dispatching to SmartPhones can save you money, as most drivers will already own a cellular phone. As long as its an Apple iPhone or an Android Smartphone, you’re good to go.
  2. Drivers can receive jobs even when out of the vehicle
  3. The SmartPhone can be used for other purposes as well, allowing both the company and the driver to benefit from the device and perhaps share the expense of it.

Disadvantages of Dispatching to SmartPhones

  1. The flexibility of SmartPhones can also make them less reliable that a dedicated tablet because they increase the chance that the driver may be not as ‘available’ as his status shows he is. (He may be at home or otherwise unavailable)
  2. The wireless carriers consider smartphones as voice capable devices and therefore monthly plans tend to run $40.00 and up for voice and data. For this reason, they tend to make more economical sense when the driver pays part of the cost for using it as a personal device.
  3. Because they are likely to be used for multiple purposes, the chances of missing an incoming job offer is higher than a dedicated tablet device. Its important to note that the only way to be assured of not missing job offers and messages from dispatch is to have the Taxi Commander app visible on the display of the smartphone. This is not a limitation of Taxi Commander but of the operating systems themselves.

Limitations of SmartPhones with Taxi Commander

  1. Smartphones can normally be used only with Taxi Commander Basic. A dedicated tablet that is locked down is required for Taxi Commander Advanced or Professional. This is because we use a special version of Taxi Commander on dedicated tablets that completely takes over and locks down the device. On SmartPhones, its usually not practical to lock it down as the driver uses it for personal things as well
  2. Its somewhat impractical to integrate a SmartPhone to external devices such as Taxi Meters
  3. Please review our website to understand the limitations of Taxi Commander Basic. Open a separate webpage so that you do not lose the information you already have put in this form. You’ll note that Taxi Commander Advanced is required for more advanced zone based dispatch and Taxi Commander Professional is required for back office functions such as Billing and Cashiering.

Benefits of Dispatching to Consumer Tablets

  1. Dispatching to tablets is highly reliable, as the device is dedicated 100% to Taxi Commander
  2. Visibility is excellent due to the large display
  3. Tablets are easy to use, with simple touch-screen operation
  4. Initial tablet costs are low, as these devices are often financed over 24 months by the wireless carriers. (about $20.00 per month)
  5. Wireless data plans are inexpensive -typical share plans work out to about $13.00 per vehicle, per month
  6. They can be used with any version of Taxi Commander.

Disadvantages of Dispatching to Consumer Tablets

  1. If not locked in the vehicle mount or removed when not in use, consumer tablets can be targeted by thieves
  2. The driver cannot receive jobs while out of the vehicle
  3. Consumer tablets will not last as long as ruggedized devices in a mobile environment, mainly because of the internal battery and less rugged power connections.

Benefits of Dispatching to Rugged MDT’s

  1. Superior GPS and Cellular performance due to external antennas
  2. Better cold and hot temperature and moisture resistance
  3. No internal battery that will eventually die -runs off vehicle power
  4. Rugged, fused power connections with auto start-up on ignition. Drivers can not hide for personals.
  5. Wireless data plans are inexpensive -typical share plans work out to about $13.00 per vehicle, per month
  6. They can be used with any version of Taxi Commander
  7. MDT is dedicated to Taxi Commander for increased dispatch reliability.
  8. Lower cost of ownership than consumer tablets over 5+ years

Disadvantages of Dispatching to Rugged MDT’s

  1. Higher initial cost (capital outlay)
  2. Driver cannot receive jobs while away from the vehicle
How does taxi meter integration work?2017-01-17T18:51:56-08:00


Taxi Meter Integration is available with Taxi Commander Advanced or Professional. This connects the meter to the in-vehicle tablet or MDT. This connection is typically made over BlueTooth, so that no wires are required between the two devices, which greatly simplifies installation.

Having the meter and tablet “talk” to each other provides the following benefits:

  • The driver cannot operate the meter without being logged on
  • This assures that dispatch is aware of all drivers working
  • A “Flag Trip” trip is created on dispatch when the driver turns on the meter
  • When the meter is put back to vacant, that trip is marked “Completed”
  • When the driver is dispatched to a job, turning the meter on marks it “Loaded”
  • Upon trip completion, the fare amount passes from meter to dispatch

Meter integration also works with payment processing devices, so that the fare amount passes to the payment terminal upon trip completion.

What are the benefits of a ruggedized MDT versus a consumer grade tablet?2017-01-17T18:51:56-08:00


Ruggedized MDT’s or Mobile Data Terminals have the following benefits:

  1. Superior GPS and Cellular performance due to external antennas
  2. Better cold and hot temperature and moisture resistance
  3. No internal battery that will eventually die -runs off vehicle power
  4. Rugged, fused power connections with auto start-up on ignition. Drivers can not hide for personals.
  5. Wireless data plans are inexpensive -typical share plans work out to about $13.00 per vehicle, per month
  6. They can be used with Taxi Commander Advanced or Professional
  7. The MDT is dedicated strictly to the dispatching system for increased dispatch reliability.
  8. Lower cost of ownership than consumer tablets over 5+ years