Taxi Commander helps transportation providers reduce operating costs and maximize customer service with ultra modern, cloud-based transportation dispatch software. Check out these innovative taxi software features:

10 Unique Taxi Software Features

  1. Taxi Commander’s offers an innovative soft meter that is unique in a number of ways. Don’t care because you have real hardware meters or because you don’t use meters at all? Read on because you may like this anyway…. First, its important to note that our meter can be set to invisible or visible, so it can or can’t be seen by the driver or passenger. The benefit of a soft meter is that it is more consistent and more accurate than other pricing methods. This is because it can take into account, the actual route taken to a destination, rather than something Google might have provided on a mileage lookup. It can also account for time stuck in traffic or waiting time. Its also very useful for flag trips, as it will provide the actual fare on every flag trip. You can create an unlimited number of meter rates and attach any one of them to any specific trip. Each meter rate can have completely different settings, including a base rate, (flag drop) distance-based fees, ( such as 30 cents per 2/10th mile) time based fees, (such as 20 cents per 20 seconds) and a speed interval (the speed at which the meter charges for distance versus time)
  2. Virtually every other conceivable type of rate type is built into Taxi Commander, including flat rate, mileage based fares, zone to zone based fares, landmark to landmark, zip to zip, etc. In addition, any rate can also have a separate waiting time button that counts up waiting time fees when activated by the driver. Each defined rate can have other line items included, such as extra passengers, airport fees, tolls, co-pays, etc. A very cool feature is that you can hide any pricing line item from the driver and passenger. For example, on non-emergency medical trips where you don’t want the trip price to be seen, you can simply hide those pricing line items. Perhaps the driver needs to see the tolls and extra passengers line items (because he needs to enter them from the car) but he doesn’t need to see the base fare or an administration fee. Not a problem! Whether your fleet specializes in taxi, black car or on-emergency medical, we’ve got you covered. Each rate type could also have its own waiting time button, which when pressed by the driver, would start a separate waiting time clock that calculates waiting time at a prescribed rate that is added as a line item at trip completion. This pricing flexibility assures you that you can meet the needs of any type of transportation you offer.
  3. The advanced order-entry screen accelerates and simplifies call-taking with features like caller name and number auto entry, pop-up reservation history, price estimation, Google Places and Address auto-fill, automatic zoning of the pickup and drop-off and automatic mileage and price estimation.
  4. One of the more user friendly features of Taxi Commander is the integrated Google automatic address auto-complete feature. This is the feature that makes it easy to fill in an address, as it shows addresses and places that match as you type. It makes it easy for a call-taker to avoid spelling mistakes or for someone new at the job to be proficient. Similarly, Google Places technology is used to lookup landmarks on the fly, making it fast and simple to enter trip bookings.
  5. Taxi Commander’s optional multi-trip module allows drivers to be assigned to multiple jobs at one time. For shuttle or non-emergency medical fleets, this is a powerful feature that allows vehicle multi-loading. The driver’s smartphone or tablet will have a job list, once assigned to more than one trip. The driver can act independently with each trip simple by selecting it. Each trip can have a different meter rate attached to it -or any rate type for that matter.
  6. Taxi Commander proximity features are unique. A radius of sensitivity can be set that prevents the driver from marking a trip arrived or loaded or from requesting a call-out or no-show, until the assigned vehicle is actually close to the pick-up address. These features ensure dispatch trip integrity, which maximizing customer service. This helps the dispatcher accurately predict driver availability by visibly indicating all trips that are close to completion.
  7. Multi-tier automated dispatch rules can be configured to suit any fleets needs. For example, during busy periods, trips that are very close to an available vehicle (within a pre-defined radius) will be dispatched to the closest car, regardless of zone position. If no vehicles are clear in that radius, then the first available vehicle in the pickup zone will receive the trip. If no vehicles are clear in the zone, then the first-up vehicle in the closest adjacent zone (pre-defined pull zones) will receive the trip. If no vehicles meet any of these criteria, then the trip is available for bid by drivers, subject to being within a maximum bid radius.
  8. Taxi Commander’s multi-tenant architecture allows fleets to be segregated into multiple dispatch areas for servicing different types of service or geographic regions, yet served by a common set of call-takers and dispatchers. For example, the same system could service black car, taxi and paratransit business, with the corresponding trips cascading into their respective dispatch screens. The system can also accommodate multiple organizations and sites for national fleets.
  9. The Taxi Commander Driver App provides an easy-to-use means for the driver to receive and respond to trip assignments. Fleets can choose whether the driver app should dominate the device (such as with a tablet) to prevent the driver using other apps or consuming extra wireless data or run cooperatively in the background, allowing for BYOD personal use of the driver’s phone.
  10. Taxi Commander lets you add pictures, notes and files to any driver, vehicle, contact, vendor or account. For example, add disciplinary notes and insurance documents to your driver records, maintenance work-orders and purchase documents to your vehicle records, pictures to your driver and customer records, etc. Taxi Commander’s extensive logging function automatically enters the date, time and staff initials to any changes that are made to any of these records so you know who made them and when.

These are just a few of the taxi software features that makes Taxi Commander the professional choice of taxi, black car, shuttle and non-emergency medical fleets. To see more, request a demo of Taxi Commander today!