Use Your Taxi Dispatch Software Data To Stay Competitive

Taxi dispatch software contains a wealth of valuable data -have you unlocked its full benefits?

Customers choose their taxi services based on various criteria such as performance, service, quality and convenience.  Tech-savvy customers are usually the drivers of technological change and they are the reason why the digital taxi dispatch market is evolving. These days there is no need for customers to even call for a cab. Through smartphone apps that sync with digital dispatch systems they can book a trip, choose which company they want, see when their car is dispatched, track its progress to pick them up and receive an instant notification when it arrives and more.

Now let’s take it a step further: what if you could see long-term trends and forecast demands in your industry and adjust your business model to up your game? Every single trip the users take are leveraged to predict demand for cars and how to set fares and allocate resources.  Devices that are being used carry a great deal of valuable data and your taxi service can use this information to grow its business – here’s how.

Leverage distinct growth opportunities

Review your past dispatch log of events and holidays. Position yourself in key areas during events such as New Year’s Eve, Christmas holidays, Thanksgiving, Black Friday sales, festivals and more. There is a great deal of demand for car services during these peak times of the year and knowing your data such as what venues to be at before your customers get there will help drive your passenger numbers up.

Build partnerships with taxi dispatch software data

While getting your customers from point A to point B, make sure to collect information about their habits and get to know your customers on an individual basis. It sounds like a lot of work but it pays off. Through your dispatching you can track how often a customer hails for a cab from a particular location to go to a another specific destination. For example: frequent business travelers who take work trips at least once a week for the past year or two are bound to need your services again and again. If you know where your customers are likely to go and what places they visit you can build your driving patterns as well as grow your business by looking at opportunities for potential partnerships such as partnering with airports, hotels and restaurant chains, tour companies and offering discounts to these customers. This could then grow to further referrals and a larger amount of business.

Minimize customer wait times or reduce cruising mile

Lots of data can be collected and analyzed to forecast potential of something that may happen to need your services in the future. Everything from the customer’s wait time, how customers like to pay for cab rides and more. A key data point to support business growth is to find the right locations, times of travel required by customers so that you can place your drivers in the best locations to take advantage of the fair rates. Dispatch algorithms that aim to minimize customer’s waiting time or to reduce cruising mile can help dispatch taxis towards current and future demand and can help balance taxi supply throughout the cities thus reducing idle cruising distance.

Resource allocation is a big part of a taxi dispatchers job and knowing where the more profitable customer demands are can help a dispatcher get a handle on the supply and demand approach. Knowing this information also helps passengers receive a convenient service that’s essential and low-stress for them.

Get great ratings and reviews

We are living in a world of competition where referrals go a long way. Customers spend the time to compare services and read reviews before making a decision. They provide ratings and various forms of feedback based on their experiences for others to see; whether this be on Google, social media channels and other relevant websites.

In the case of the taxi industry collecting reviews would support customers in their desire to rate drivers, their level of customer service and more. This will also help the taxi company with making improvements. Enabling this feature and using the data helps build trust between the driver, passenger and taxi service. This also helps drivers become more aware of how they are performing and holds them to higher standards. This can be a great tool for building brand reputation and customer relationship. Customers can use this information as well to either accept or decline a service from a particular driver if they chose to do so.

Safer driving

With GPS technology and in taxi cabs you can use your data to measure driving patterns, speed, idling time, detect unsafe driving and understand which habits are related to driver-related complaints and car crashes. This information can be leveraged to make improvements on and off the road. Your drivers can get focused on the driving safety elements that matter most to keep them and their customers safe as well as support efficiencies and your mechanics can focus on keeping the cabs maintained before any big repairs are needed.

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