Win Uber Customers for Your Taxi Business With These Social Media Strategies

How Taxi Companies Can Use Social Media To Win Uber Customers

Want to win over Uber customers without breaking the bank on marketing costs?

Learn how to maximize social media to find Uber customers in your area and convert them to your taxi service.

All you need to get started are these three digital channels:

  1. Mobile-friendly website with a blog.
  2. Social media: Twitter, Google My Business and Facebook accounts for your taxi company (bonus points for Instagram).
  3. One-touch trip booking app to make it easy for customers to plan a ride.

From here, you are ready to take on Uber in your community, using your unique brand voice to communicate your service quality on the right platform and at the right time.

As a follow-up to our post on what smart taxi cab owners are doing to fight Uber, we have five new strategies to put to the test, all using social media channels you can manage with your own resources.

Let’s get started!

Monitor & Respond To Uber In The News

Uber is under the microscope by the media for everything from sexual assault claims to deceptive surge pricing.

As a person with deep knowledge on the transportation industry, you have the opportunity to use your authority to make a statement in response to these headlines.

Using your website blog or a free Medium account connected to your business to write posts in response to the news of the day regarding Uber.

These don’t have to be long-winded, highly-researched academic articles. Speak from the heart on how your business is able to respond to complaints surrounding Uber, and provide your opinion to help make consumers better informed.

News changes fast, and timing is everything. Use Google Alerts to be notified by email every time Uber is mentioned in the news to stay on top of the latest issues impacting your industry.

Monitor & Respond To Uber Complaints & Questions

When Uber customers have a problem, many use Twitter to attempt to get answers, and sometimes, to vent.

With a Twitter account for your taxi company, you can monitor mentions to “@Uber” in the search field and find opportunities to respond with a solution for individuals in your area.

To stay on top of the latest mentions to Uber, save your Uber search on your Twitter account to reference throughout the day.

Save the day publicly – whether you’re responding to a stranded commuter or providing a quote for a trip to the airport – there are customer service opportunities on Twitter that are yours for the taking.

Find Your Niche Cross-Promoters On Social

What can your taxi company do better than Uber? Your niche is your entry point to exciting opportunities in cross-promotion online.

“You can’t compete with big brands in the general market, but you can stand out to a niche audience,” says Business2Community contributor Justin Herring.

If your fleet is the go-to for late-night rides, for example, connect with nightclubs, bars  and restaurants in your area on social media to boost their content through re-posting and raise awareness for more than one business.

Utilize the social audiences of businesses that align with your niche to expand your presence as a niche service provider.

Respond to Reviews – Positive and Negative

Google My Business, Yelp and Facebook are all popular places for consumers to post reviews of brand experiences.

Good or bad, it is important for taxi companies to monitor and respond to all reviews. ReviewTrackers reports 52 percent of customers expect to hear back from brands within 7 days of writing an online review, particularly one that’s negative or critical. 78 percent of ReviewTrackers’ respondents believe that by seeing management respond to online reviews, they feel the business cares more about them.

Writing responses to reviews provides a platform to extend your brand voice and show prospects what your taxi company stands for. It’s the personal touch people respect, one which they might not be as likely to receive from a big box provider.

Have you got a trip booking app yet?

Your taxi company marketing strategy isn’t complete without a user-friendly app experience for booking trips. Get up to date with the latest features and make yourself a contender in the corporate ride-sharing arena.

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